"All of us from childhood."
Antoine de Saint Exupery

Детский праздник!!!

Children - a very appreciative audience, but they do not forgive mistakes. They are not fooled, they will not pretend to them or fun - or not! That's why we are so detail and paint the all versions of children's parties. And, in spite of hundreds of ready-made scripts, stories and heroes, every time we write the program again, especially considering it was your kid, group, class.

Dear parents!

  1. Holidays for kids (2-3 years old) should be special.
  2. Holidays for the girls to be different from the boys.
  3. Teenagers love to party your way!
  4. All children's birthday parties should be taken into consideration in their program:

- Age birthday child
- The number of guests
- area of celebration
- The character and dragging of the child

At a birthday party for your little one will be truly unforgettable holiday. And we know that the impressions that we received in early childhood often persist for a lifetime! Mom and dad, we (our creative team) really want that on the day of his birth your baby was happy!

SvetLana Rogozina