"ANNIVERSARY - it is the next stage of racing against time."
Georgi Alexandrov

What is an anniversary? Let us try to formulate. This is the anniversary of an event, characterized "rotundity" numbers. And, of course, that such numbers are not every day.... So, this is not an ordinary day, but a real celebration! And hardly anyone would argue that it should be especially meaningful, impressive and memorable.

Anniversaries are different: the appearance of our favorite day of the light, day of the meeting two enamored, the anniversary of the existence of institutions, enterprises, organizations, wedding day, etc.Well, if you or your loved ones have a lot of time and enough creative thinking. And if not? Then I'll tell you: "Yes! I'm ready to come to the aid!
"I have developed a individual scenario, thinking over all the details: how to invite interested people desired to come up for each guest friendly poetry cartoons, how to provide non-standard word wanting to congratulate, etc. And just to offer a humorous skit involving guests, fun contests for all age groups, advise, who can be invited from professional artists. And then again ... maybe I'll hear: "This we have not seen!"Do you know what are weddings and anniversaries as they are usually to celebrate?

"Green" wedding itself is directly on the wedding day, a symbol of the "anniversary" is a crown woven from the leaves of myrtle.The first year of marriage is celebrated as "chintz" marriage, spouses are usually in this day give each other calico handkerchiefs."Leather" wedding mark the third year of marriage.If your friends have lived in marriage five years, you can safely give them something wooden. As you've probably guessed it, "Wood" wedding.Six and a half (yes, we were not mistaken it was a half, and such anniversaries are)years of marriage called "zinc" marriage, six months after this, namely to celebrate the wedding seven years, "Copper," spouses that day to exchange copper coins, which are symbol of a pledge a long, happy married life.

Exactly one year to eight years in celebrating the wedding of "tin", it would be appropriate on this day to give some tin ware, such as a tray.Decade is called "Pink" wedding, as the name implies, give the roses on this day. Twelve and a half, "nickel" wedding.Fifteen years of marriage is marriage "glass" will give the day the spouses glassware, light as a symbol of life."Porcelain" is the twentieth anniversary wedding china or souvenirs presented to the spouses, will be very handy on this day.Five years after the celebrated, perhaps one of the most solemn anniversaries. A quarter-century, drawn together, is called "Silver" wedding. Husband and wife share in this anniversary ornaments of silver, above the crown of myrtle gives way to the same, but the silver and the gold wedding ring on his finger is added to silver.It took another five years, and now we celebrate the "Pearl" wedding, the husband gives his wife for thirty years of marriage pearl necklace. Even after seven and a half note celebrated "Aluminum" anniversary.

Fortieth called "Ruby" marriage, the spouse must give his wife a ruby signet ring decorated - the symbol of love and passion.And here's been half a century, of course, this "Golden" anniversary, couples should be updated from time to time its tarnished gold jewelry, and resulting in feelings for one another flare up with renewed vigor.But that's not all anniversaries. If you have been in love, sharing with each other, moments of joy and sorrow sixty-five years feel free to mark "Iron" marriage, sixty-seven and a half, "stone", but seventy "Diamond" or as it is rarely referred to as "blessed" wedding. And finally I would like to wish you all health, to dance on his "crown" wedding in seventy-five and even a toast at a wedding "Red" in a hundred years!Happy anniversary you!