Good afternoon or evening, dear enamored!

I congratulate you that you have met each other!You are probably already acquainted with the recommendations and advice of my colleagues and it's wonderful. I'll try not to repeat myself, but present their vision of the modern wedding. On the basis of the theory and years of practice I have identified the professional skills needed to master any of the holiday:

- "God's gift" or in other words, the ability of nature,
- fascination interior and exterior,
- Not an annoying tone of voice,
- Culture of Speech, good diction,
- Knowledge of the laws of screenwriting and directing excellence,
- The ability to improvise,
- A feeling of action, humor and tact.

I believe that the absence of one of these characteristics suggests incompetent. At a meeting with the lead contender for your holiday must pay attention to these criteria. Feel free to ask various questions, up tothis: "What will you dressed?" After all, your choice largely determines your taste.

Agree that each of us would like to see their unique celebration of that, "no matter how everyone," and particularly wedding, for obvious reasons. And agree that the surprise in our time is very difficult. Difficult, but possible if the case is not simply entrust the professional, and, most importantly, the creative person. You ask: "What else in our activity?".

My answer is, there are also examples where the toastmaster does not deviate from his script on a step. This, of course, well, when all the "polished" to the last detail, but that uniqueness and is looking for a new, unique to you. There are many variations how and what to surprise guests. You can arrange a wedding banquet on the glade, ship to the songs and dances of the Roma, an extreme wedding under water with a solemn passage at the bottom of the reservoir or in the clouds with a lingering kiss under a parachute canopy, and you can travel back in time and be at social events of the XIX century, surrounded by ladies and a violin orchestra. Even in a traditional wedding, the restaurant can use such techniques that will distinguish your celebration of other holidays. It can be poems, songs, dedicated just to you, improvised or prepared mini-comic plays performed by guests, Brazilian carnival costume and much more ...

Everything has to be stylish, beautiful, funny, and thoughtful. The main thing - not to sink to farce. Wedding, even the most extraordinary, the most modern permeated traditions. By studying the rituals, legends of the old Slavs, I interpret some of them, and they have acquired modern sounding.For example, under a stylized folk music and poetry copyrights are the dedication of the bride in rightful wife, with elements of fortune telling - who will marry first of her friends.

Or - "engagement ring" around the young who form the guests, as in Russia has always been assumed that the circle has a magical power that protects against all "unclean".My every proposal thoroughly discussed. Accounted for family and national traditions.Once I had to keep the wedding, where both walked Russian, Jews, Germans, Armenians, Georgians and Ukrainians. That's where I had to expand their knowledge in the field of culture of different peoples. Appearances by the mood and reviews -celebration a success.In my work a lot of coin box Russian-foreign marriages. Here are the latest of them: the Russian-Dutch Russian-Peruvian, Russian-Jewish, Russian-Turkish Russian-Chinese, Russian-Korean, Russian- Swedish, Russian-Polish, etc. I am a special trembling to write scenario, given the particular , traditions, rituals around the world.

On the question of games and competitions that I think that the playing action - the most fun, gambling, the long awaited moment. The reason for this is within each of us, these adults with serious and solid form, and in fact - did not finish a little, a little argument turns ... I have to lead celebrations for people of completely different professions, teachers, businessmen, diplomats, etc. - where everything is happy to become "big" kids. Many forms of game I try to think, so they are not seen in other celebrations. In discussing the scenario takes into account your wishes, but what I do not accept, it is vulgar jokes, and contests.

My main task - as much as possible to attract guests regardless of age, to the action(note - to attract, rather than force). I propose to divide into teams:- Male and female,- Winter, spring, summer, autumn,- Zodiac signs, etc.

How nice to hear at the end of the wedding of their parents and grandparents: "We forgot about his age!" In preparing for the wedding thought out important issues, as the saying goes: "From A to Z", but often missed a very important moment - the first family dance of love .What will it be? Traditional or unusual, beautiful - just yours? Of course, the choice is yours. But if you're staying on the second, here come to the aid a professional choreographer who will offer a song of your choice. This could be a waltz, a slow instrumental tune or a modern song in Russian, English, French and other languages. In the story of dance may be based on the story of your love. You bring joy not only themselves, but also pleasantly surprise your friends and relatives.

Recommend choreographers teachers Rogozina Xenia: tel. +7-909-942-25-33, Kurdyumova Xenia: tel. +7-903-296-10-22, who specialize in the production of wedding dances.


Cease the music, the guests disperse, the holiday will end ... and let this moment you will not be thinking, "Finally! .." And to the thought: "What a pity that everything ended so fast! " And let the sigh breaks out "Here this was a celebration!"


As says my friend and colleague, the talented Olga Kurdyumova, "Good music for the wedding - 90% of the success of your wedding." A 100% success can provide a talented toastmaster.

I carefully approached the subject. Determine for yourself what you want "live music" or the disco. If the former, see what you mean by that - performance to the "real" musical instruments (drums, guitar, guitar, saxophone, etc. plus vocals)?

This is indeed, really music "live", but the pleasure expensive. Or " sound track " of a quality that often leaves much to be desired (typically, a team consists of vocalist and keyboardist, simulating the game on a keyboard). Rather, it offers this option. If you still have made this choice, do not hesitate to look at the work group " on stream" or listen to some songs on the record. This way you save yourself from disappointment at the wedding.

I'm for real music, which is reduced and recorded in a professional studio. And within a few hours you can listen to different groups, different artists for every taste.Which is better - Frank Sinatra, Alexander Rosenbaum, Madonna and others in the original or when their to rehash? I'm not talking about the tracks of world DJs. The choice is yours.

Even if you have invited the ensemble, then no person sitting behind mixing console can not do. Since it serves not only the sound engineer, but also a sound engineer, musical arrangement is chosen because the first step in the hall the young to the final point, otherwise will not feel the integrity of the holiday. Perhaps that is why we often say: "Like all thought out. We see that the professionals work. "And this is for us the highest rating.

We work with a computer, so that all your musical wishes must be taken into account. Do you like to sing with a guitar and karaoke? It is also possible. Want to invite the stars and the movies? And it's possible.

In creating celebratory atmosphere agree that important role is played lighting design. Great if a room where the celebration will be held is equipped with lighting devices. And if not? We can provide and the service. Good luck to you to choose!

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